15 Aralık 2012 Cumartesi

Behzat Ç 82.Bölüm Fragmanı

Fragmanı ’detarihinde yayınlanacak olan dizinin tanıtım fragmanı yayınlandığında blogda yer alacaktır. 2012 yılı son ayında yayınlanacak olan dizinin 2013 yılına da damga vurması bekleniyor.

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14 Mayıs 2012 Pazartesi

Ananı da al git youtube video

The Mother's Day is celebrated in Germany since 1923, since 1917 in Switzerland and in Austria since 1924. The day dedicated to mothers the mother and motherhood honored and recognized. Mother's Day was introduced in Germany by the German Association of Flower shop owner as a day of flowers desired. The first German Mother's Day was held on 13 May 1923 instead. Since 1949, the mothers in the Federal Republic of Germany at every second Sunday in celebration. The date is based on voluntary agreement and is not dictated by law, ie It can also be moved, for example when Pentecost Sunday and Mother's Day fall on the same date. The next (predicted) Mother's Day events: 05/13/2012 The traditional gift for Mother's Day are flowers. Besides the gift of flowers is often the mother a Mother's Day poem will be presented or performed. The content of statements of Mother's Day poems are mostly limited Dankbezeugungen and love confessions. On our site you will find a collection of German Muttertag.org Mother's Day poems, Mother's Day Sayings, Mother's Day greetings and a lot more about mother and mother love. The various texts have been written either by ourselves, come from well-known and better-known authors, or were Deklamationsbüchern 19th Century removed. To the mother Although no greeting, although no letter from me As long as you will, but leave no doubt The heart, as if the tenderness of the son, I owe you, from my chest Escaped. No, any more than the rock Deep in the river before ew'gem anchor, is Deviates from its site, although the flood With stürm'schen waves soon, with gentle soon It flows and it snatches the eye, Differs so little tenderness for you From my breast, though the life stream, Lashed by the pain, now storming runs over it And the joy soon petted, still It covers and never prevents them from not Its main shows and around the sun Thrown back beams and carries you At every glance shows how you worshiped your son.